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How can I know if a particular college is right for me?

Chat with someone about their experiences there! If their goals and values align with yours and they’re happy with their choice, research suggests that you can confidently choose the same.

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Tip: When you receive a message, ask questions about their goals and actual experiences, such as “Why did you consider attending this school? Were/Are you happy to be there? Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? Would someone like me be happy at this school?” 

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About ApplyHereFirst's Founder

My name is Ben Marley, and my work is my passion. I have been a full-time College Admissions and Test Prep professional for the past 5 years and have several additional years of writing, editing, and tutoring experience. I do everything in my power to help others succeed.


I scored in the 99th percentile on the ACT & the 95th percentile on the SAT. I am a National Merit Scholar. I received academic full-ride offers from 5 universities and accepted scholarships totaling over $104,000 in 2003 (valued at $196,000 today), which enabled me to attain my goal of graduating from college debt-free. 


I have years of experience teaching SAT and ACT test prep (in person and online), and I was even hired by the College Board to grade essays on the SAT. I specialize in giving your child the absolute best experience. As I am extremely well-versed in ACT/SAT test prep, I design goals, programs, and even curricula to orchestrate a fantastic experience. Most tutoring companies dabble in a variety of subjects; ApplyHereFirst, however, is fully focused on what your child needs to succeed in the college admissions process. 


I am a grateful husband, loving father of three, and lover of adventure (my recent favorites include jumping off of the tallest bungee bridge in the world and cage diving with great white sharks). However, nothing is more rewarding to me than helping others identify their purpose and live up to their potential.


For schools and student organizations interested in booking speaking engagements on college admissions and increasing test scores, please email support@applyherefirst.com. 
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