Crafting an Application That Stands Out

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Concerned about the fast-approaching college application deadlines? 


We admit, filling out the applications, communicating honors and activities, writing the personal statement and supplemental essays- the enormity of it all can be overwhelming. Then, add in the impact of recent events on extracurriculars, schools going test-optional, and the fACT that admissions officers now spend an average of only 4-6 minutes per application- how can a student make their application stand out?…

How to Determine When to Send Test Scores

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With many ACT and SAT tests being canceled during the covid-19 pandemic, it’s no surprise that universities have gone test optional. 


The real mystery for those students who have been able to take the tests is whether or not to submit their scores. This quick blog post will shed some light and hopefully make your score sending decision easier. We will cover SAT and ACT and also AP test scores.


Whether or not to submit test scores boils down to the common and simple question of, “what is a good test score, anyway?”…

Why You Should Talk to Your Admissions Officers

Reaching out to admissions officers can feel a little intimidating. These are the people that hold the keys to your future. What if you say the wrong thing and they make a note in your file and you end up not getting in?


In the words of admissions officers, themselves, here are 12 of the top reasons it’s worth overcoming the fear…

How to Discover 
Your Best-fit Schools and Apply with Confidence

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