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Written Testimonials

Truly gifted educator
"Ben is a truly gifted educator dedicated to driving exceptional outcomes for each student. The observable improvement realized in such a short period of time has been remarkable. Ben has been working with our daughter for the past month, and my daughter believes Ben is the best tutor teacher she’s ever had."         -Scott M., PA

Automatic Admissions
"I really enjoyed working with Ben. He is thorough, yet able to cover a lot of information in every session. He is very personable to work with and I felt more confident after every lesson. I also liked being able to do it via video conferencing because I had a very busy schedule and this made it extremely convenient. In addition, he is extremely knowledgeable in every subject matter and taught me a tremendous amount of material. There wasn't anything he couldn't explain. Working with Ben gave me more than enough to get automatic admissions into both of my top-choice colleges!"     -Colin W., MO

Ben was key
"Ben was key in helping my son, Colin improve! A friend of mine found Ben, and her son performed very well after working with him, so she shared the success story with a group of us moms over breakfast. I then got Ben's contact info. My son really enjoyed working with Ben and even asked to do a session over spring break. He gave Colin a personalized game plan, which I believe was key to keeping him on track. I have a sophomore son who will be working with Ben in the upcoming months. I highly recommend reaching out to Ben for help!"     -Erin W., MO

"Ben helped my son and taught him precisely what and how he needed to improve. Ben has a great, easy-going personality and my son thoroughly enjoyed working with him. We will definitely use him again!"      -Tevis B., NY

Laid-back guy
"Ben helped me greatly. It was obvious has has helped a lot of kids as he quickly realized what concepts gave me the toughest time and how to approach learning them. Thank you, Ben."     -Jake M., NJ

Great from the first lesson
"Ben took the time to start reviewing test taking theories and methods with my son. He went through questions my son got wrong on his practice tests and explained WHY they were wrong and explained how to get to the right answer. He gave clear directions on what he should do before the next lesson. My son really liked the way he taught."      -Laura H., MI

Knowledgeable and helpful
"Zack learned better strategy and time management from Ben. Felt it was totally worth his time."    -Heather D., UT

Great last minute help
"I have taken the SAT various times and keep scoring the same in the reading section. Within two lessons, Ben gave me great time management tips and logically explained the answers I got wrong in practice questions. With his help, I saw a big improvement in the time it took me to finish the readings and I improved my overall confidence."      -Alejandro H., FL

Wonderfully Encouraging!
"While my son had taken a 6 week test prep class at his high school, and had a good score of a 30 in English, his goal was to move it higher. With Ben's help understanding how he individually tests and where he struggles, my son was able to raise his score 3 points to a 33! I couldn't thank Ben enough for his time and help getting my son ACT ready in less than 3 weeks time. I don't think my son would have achieved this without Ben's help! The skills my son learned will continue to come in handy for him for years to come. Thank you so much, Ben!"     -Sarah O., MN

Ben was super punctual and very organized
"My son really connected with him and his style. Ben gave great tips. My son found the time to be very helpful and he said Ben made it fun:) Ben was super punctual and organized about what they would tackle each session. He was also accessible if we had a question. Thank you!!"     -Monica G., CA

Knowledgeable and patient
"Ben worked with my son. He was extremely helpful and encouraging. We interviewed many other people and used someone else who was double the price, with poor results. Ben exceeded expectations. I would recommend him to anyone."     -Meredith M., CO

"He is very thorough and good at explaining the concepts. My son really enjoyed working with him. He is surely recommended. He is really good at what he does."     -Bindiya V., MD

Very insightful
"Ben has helped me not only strengthen my skills required to do well, but he has also provided a lot of very insightful strategies and techniques. "     
                     -Asya K., NY

Wonderful Mentor
"Ben is very patient and my daughter really enjoys working with him. I am already seeing a big difference. He is a wonderful mentor in guiding us through this process. "     -Cindy L., CA

"Helping my son. We are 2 lessons in and he is already improving! He provides detailed feedback after every lesson. Very effective, easy to work with and flexible."     - Cornelius M., NJ
"Ben is a not only knowledgable, he is companionable and thoughtful. He knows just the right methods for our son to help him achieving the best scores he could in SAT. Ben also helped my son with his essays. We are very lucky to have him as our son's mentor."     -Anne H., PA
"My high school son was very enthusiastic. Ben was on time, very thorough with his approach, and had excellent follow-up for sessions moving forward. My son struggles with reading comprehension, but his work with Ben after just one session has put him at ease. "     -Stephen-Elizabeth G., WI
Great help
"My son has only had his first session but found Ben to be very helpful."      -Evan C., NY

"Ben was able to give my son invaluable feedback and training. Ben is knowledgeable and trained, so he was able to let my son know where he needed to improve to achieve. Plus, Ben was patient, understanding, and kind."     -C. C., CA
Excellent, Supportive and encouraging personality
"Ben is truly excellent. He's organized, clear and explains many strategies for success. We would highly recommend him."     -Srividya A., CA
Great start
"My son had his first lesson with Ben. He is organized and efficient with the lesson time and I believe my son will improve from this type of focused tutoring. We look forward to his continuing sessions."     -Mindy J., CT

"Ben was helpful in finding strategies that work best for me and he is very patient and knowledgeable. He provides excellent explanations to back up answers while he is teaching."      -Ester S., FL
"Ben has given my son the confidence and knowledge to help him with his final push. My son enjoyed the sessions with Ben and his thoughtful teaching ability."     -Shelly D., MN
Patient and efficient
"Ben was really helpful in teaching me some very efficient strategies step by step to maximize understanding and learning."     -Xochitl B., CA
Knowledgeable and helpful
"I was able to accomplish a lot. He is very patient and discusses helpful strategies!"     -Claire R., MA

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